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Freedom Block


The frequency with which powdered or pelleted supplements must be put out, and the effort involved in monitoring their use can take up valuable time. But with Freedom Block horse owners can have peace of mind knowing that their equine companions are continually taking in the best nutrition available. Now you can have the freedom to be with your family; get other important chores done; or ride when you want without worrying about required stable visits, and missed or incorrect dosages. Because Freedom Block is a molasses lick, it entices horses into self-administering their own vitamins, minerals & nutrients. With other supplements you always run the risk that your horse will sort out the pellets or power and leave them in a pile on the bottom of the feed tub. Those supplements can't deliver proper nutrition if they're not consumed regularly and fully. Because horses love the sweet taste of Freedom Block, they return again and again to enjoy it. Enjoy the freedom of doing what you want, when you want. Enjoy Freedom Block.

Some of the Many Benefits:

Allows the horse to self administer.
Gives a shine from the inside out!
Supplements where hay cannot.
Great for mares and foals on pasture; it entices the foal to drink water, therefore helps reduce
likelihood of dehydration.
Mares may cycle earlier and with higher conception rate, if fed "FREEDOM BLOCK" a few months prior to breeding season.
Helps promote a healthy foot.
Gives the horse more stamina without increasing the energy level.
Helps eliminate cribbing.
Has a calming effect on young horses.
Great for a healthy coat.
12% protein source is from soy, which is easy on the digestion.
Helps eliminate tail and mane chewing.
Labor saving.
Easy to store.
Weather does not affect potency.
Easy to feed.
Freedom Block is an excellent vehicle to utilize for administering other supplements or medicines.
Cure hives and other skin allergies in most cases
Does not attract insects
100% natural and balanced
Contains all the electrolytes normally needed
Helps keeps horses hydrated while on the road or away from home

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