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Freedom Block

TO OPEN THE 10 POUND CONTAINER: Pull the plastic tabs on the side of the lid and tear off the plastic band. Remove lid completely and save it for future reference.

STURDY METAL HANGAR SOLD SEPARATELY: To Freedom Block 10 pound containerattach the Freedom Block tub to the metal hanger, pull down on the tub's plastic lip with the thumbs of both your hands. Then with the other fingers of one of your hands, flip the metal clip up and over the plastic tip and release the lip.Freedom Block hanger with 10 pound container

Hook hanger over a horizontal fence bar on either side of a vertical fence post for maximum stability.
Tighten set screws.

TO OPEN THE 40 POUND CONTAINER: After carefully reading the feeding instructions, Freedom Block 40 pound blockremove the lid completely.

SUGGESTED PLACEMENT OF 40 POUND BLOCK: Place the tub inside the center of a used 15-inch car or truck tire. This offers maximum stability and prevents the tub from being overturned.

The Initial Presentation of the 10# "FREEDOM BLOCK" tub.

1.) Secure the tub into the metal rack.

2.) Remove the lid and fasten the braces into position.

3.) Secure the rack onto a rail about chest high to the horse.
Try to position the rack so there is a vertical post or rail between the two hooks.

4.) Check the horse's consumption rate in 2-4 days. The horse may very well have licked the tub clean in 4-5 days. If so, remove the tub and wait 2 days and replace it with tub #2.

5.) Check the horse's consumption in 4-6 days. If the horse has licked the tub cleaned; wait 2-3 days and replace it with tub #3.

6.) The horse should now be on the schedule to receive a fresh tub every 12-15 days.

At this time the horse's nutritional level will have risen to the point that their consumption rate will level off to about 1/2 pound to 1 pound per day. HOWEVER, increased activity or stress may very well increase the rate of consumption.

Please contact FREEDOM BLOCK with any questions or concerns at www.freedomblock.com
or call us at 818-248-2821


Freedom Block supplement is designed to be self-administering to all types of equines. Provide one 10-pound container for every 1 to 3 horses, and one 40-pound container for every 3 to 10 horses. Containers should be placed in areas that achieve desired supplement intake. Multiple containers may be required in each pen or pasture to assure consistent intake and proper accessibility. Confined horses may consume more than animals on pasture. Do not allow horses to consume more than 3.0 pounds per head per day. (Horses typically consume between 0.25 and 3.0 pounds per head per day.) Self-administering consumption will depend on the size and age of the animal, as well as quality, source and availability of forage. Provide free access to clean, fresh water at all times. Store in a cool dry area.


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